Teachers and Staffroom Solutions

Outside of the classroom there are many spaces that require furniture for a variety of different purposes. Here is a list to name a few and the furniture that Woods provide that would suit these spaces. Some of these staff room furniture options can be used in many ways.

Boardrooms and meeting spaces- Outside of the classroom the importance of staff gathering for meetings is important. When meetings are sometimes tedious and long, comfort plays a huge role in staff focus and engagement. The boardroom and meeting table are great staff room table choices paired with the comfortable padded chairs like the Glenelg and Lonsdale. The Flexi-Flip table is also great when space is limited and are easy to pack down and store away which makes it great for when more table space is required for those larger meetings.

Relaxation spaces- these spaces can be found in a corner of the staffroom, Library, School Admin foyer or a nook within the classroom. These spaces are places where staff, parents and students can come to sit back and relax in comfort and peace. The Lacus Tub chair not only provides comfort for lumber-support but is made of deep seated foam for long-term comfort. The Marmour single and double seater is also great for this purpose and looks great in a foyer setting for parents or staff to sit in comfort whilst waiting. Other seating options include the blocks chair and the concave and convex ottoman which can be the perfect staff room seating that makes you feel as though you are not in a formal environment.

Displays/screens- The Modular screening provides a dual purpose. Not only can it be used as a privacy screen but it also helps to improve acoustics. It is perfect for sectioning off a part of the classroom, foyer, staffroom or Library to create a more private space. The Modular screen is very portable as it is on wheels which makes it easy to move around. It also comes with a variety of different options including whiteboards on one side, which make them a very versatile piece of furniture.

Staffooms- Many staffrooms are broken into a variety of sections from the ‘lunchroom’ to the ‘chillout’ zone to the ‘work’ area. Woods Furniture provide a variety of Teacher desks that are practical and well-designed. The Secura, Teacher and Study desk come with ample storage and lockable drawers to keep your valuables safe. For those who spend a lot of time at their desk marking papers or doing screen work, the Panto Soft and the Panto soft 3D make comfortable staffroom chairs. These chairs have a high tensile steel frame that provides Ergo-dynamic flexing and they have a fully cushioned and upholstered shell.

All of these furniture options come in a wide wonderful variety of colours and designs to suit what ever space you require them for. If you require any assistance please contact one of the experts at Woods Furniture for more information.