Hokki Stool

An ergo-dynamic stool designed to improve the motor and musculo-skeletal development of growing children.

German designed ergo-dynamic stools for children – super tough, lightweight and highly portable. We know that the benefit of ergo-dynamic design for children is proven.

This design absorbs and encourages movement while at the same time improving the attention span of the child while being engaged in the learning process.

The inner organs of the body are opened up not scrunched and restricted.
The muscles supporting the lumbar spine are passively exercised and strengthened.
More oxygen flows through the body and the brain.
The muscles of the abdominal core are passively tightened and relaxed as the child moves on the stool.

The Hokki chair is made from light-weight, super tough polypropylene. Wipe down to clean the top and sides. Available in 4 lively colours to add life and fun to the classroom.

100% recyclable UV stable materials give the Hokki an incredible lifespan. The fluted design of the top is designed for portability and features a non-slip seat pad.


Available in the following dimensions (mm):

The Hokki Stool achieves its Ergo-Dynamic movement through the convex shape of the base.

Colour Options

  • Lime (310mm, 380mm & 460mm)
  • Purple (310mm, 380mm & 460mm)
  • Sky (380mm & 460mm)
  • Midnight (380mm, 460mm & 520mm)



  • Lime (310mm, 380mm & 460mm)
  • Purple (310mm, 380mm & 460mm)
  • Sky (380mm & 460mm)
  • Midnight (380mm, 460mm & 520mm)
  • Midnight Finish
  • Lime Finish
  • Sky Finish
  • Purple Finish
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