Woods furniture has been designed and built to the highest standards since 1953, and we are proud of the accreditations our products have achieved.

Good Environmental Choice Australia


When a product is certified against Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA)’s Furniture standards, consumers can be sure that the product has been assessed to meet environmental, human health and ethical impact criteria. GECA certification removes doubt and confusion and makes identifying environmentally and socially preferable products easier.

These Woods’ products have achieved GECA accreditation:

4 Point Student Chair
Book Buddies
Bookcase bc2, bc3, bc4
Byte Table
Conundrum Table
Crescent Pod
Cuneus Table
Curvatus Table
Didactus Pod
DuraPos Chair
DuraPos High Back Chair
DuraPos Science & Art Stool
DuraPos Sled Base Chair
DuraPos Swivel Chair
Eureka Classroom Table
Eureka Computer Desk
Eureka Folding Exam Table
Eureka Half Round Table
Eureka Science/Art Bench
Eureka Stacking Table
Gametus Pod
Height Adjustable Tub Desk 4 leg double
Height Adjustable Tub Desk T-leg (single &
Hexa Pod
Intensive Teaching Table
JS Trolleys
Kembla Desk
Library Carrels A & B
Ligno Dur Desk

Locker a4, a6, a8
Locker b2, b3, b4
Locker c6, c9, c12
Locker d4, d6, d8
Locker e2, e3, e4
Locker f2, f3, f4
Lupo Chair and Stool
Lupo Desk
Lupo Turn Chair Range
Mobile Locker mb2, mb3, mb4
Mobile Locker md4, md6, md8
Mobile Locker me2, me3, me4
Mobile Storage Mate sm4, sm6, sm8
Mobile Storage Trolley mst5, mst 10, mst 15
Multi-Purpose Trolley mpt3
Opus Desk
Panto Desk
PantoFlex Chair
Panto Move 3D Chair Range
Penta Pod
Recta Pod
Storage Mate sm4, sm6, sm8
T-leg Single Desk
Trapezium Table
Trigonium Workstation
Trimus Computer Pod
Trimus Pod
Triquetra Pod
Wave Table
RM Chair


Australasian Furnishing Research & Development Institute

The Australasian Furnishing Research & Development Institute (AFRDI) is an independent not-for-profit technical organisation, serving buyers and sellers in Australia and in New Zealand, operating a system of quality certification for furniture components and related manufactured products and materials through its Blue Tick Product Certification Scheme.

The Blue Tick Certification Scheme certifies products which meet certain standards to AFRDI’s satisfaction. The assessment of the products is based on the results of performance, function and safety tests, coupled with an evaluation of the quality and finish of a representative sample of product provided by the supplier.

These Woods’ products have achieved AFRDI accreditation:

Triquetra Table
Byte Table
Conundrum Table
Wave Table 1200 x 600mm
Wave Table 1350 x 675mm
Intensive Teaching Table 1800 x 900mm-
Penta Table
Eureka Table Classroom 1200 x 600mm
Eureka Table Classroom1350 x 675mm
Robur Table 600 x 600mm
Robur Table 700 x 600mm
PantoFlex Senior
PantoFlex Junior
LupoGlide Senior
LupoGlide Junior
Compass Linking Chair
DuraPos 4 Point Chair Senior
DuraPos 4 Point Chair Junior
DuraPos Gas-Lift Swivel Chair Senior
DuraPos Gas-Lift Swivel Chair Junior

DuraPos Drafting Chair
Panto Move 3D Senior
Panto Move 3D Junior
Panto Drafting Stool
Grande Office Chair
Dura Pos Art Stool
Lupo Art Stool
DuraPos Science Stool
Lupo Science Stool
The Island 1800mm x 450mm
Mobile Storage Porter – Types A, B and C
JS Trolley – JS2, JS3 and JS4
Book Buddy 880mm x 1000mm
Book Buddy 1180mm x 1000mm
PLS – Personal Lockable Storage D8
PLS – Personal Lockable Storage C6
Edumax – Primary Teaching Unit
Hokki Stool
Adjusta Leg Mechanism
RM Chair


Chiropractors’ Association of Australia

The Chiropractors’ Association of Australia (National) Limited (CAA) is the peak body representing chiropractors.

An underlying principle of chiropractic is “healthy spine, healthier life”. By offering expert drug-free spinal health care and lifestyle advice, chiropractors help Australians lead and maintain healthy lives.

With over 2,600 members, the CAA is the largest chiropractic health body in Australia, and coordinates its efforts with its 8 autonomous CAA state & territory organisations.

These Woods’ products have achieved CAA accreditation:

PantoMove 3D
Panto Drafting Stool